Electrochemical sensors have by no means to stand behind other gas measuring technologies even opposite: RoHS and its foreseeable importance as a restrictive ensuring a green, as global, future has given the company an opportunity in creatively playing with alternative possibilities to lead, hence encouraging our development department. Outstanding results are even better performing leadfree sensors than before


As we tested the new leadfree cell according to lifetime, it has shown that it lasts even longer than its leaded twin (see conditions and figure right).

Output Drift

The new leadfree sensor has shown to drift less and even have a more stable performance than its leaded forerunner (see conditions and figure right).

Response Time

The figure shows that new leadfree sensors from itg responds more than twice as fast than a usual cell (see conditions and figure right).   

Linearity Error

In linearity the new unleaded cell has shown unexpected and extraordinary performance: It leaves the leaded cell far behind as its linearity is observably smoother and even lower (see conditions and figure right).

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