Industry & Other

Most industrial requirements on oxygen sensors are characterized by low-drift baseline as well as signal stability referring to output-signal over time, a quick time-response to gas changes and immunity against acid gases like CO2 and H2S. Not to mention an expected longevity, reliability of the sensors in operation.

itg RoHS compliant sensors combine in one unit all of above mentioned qualities, along with some given benefits that are well-known from previous leaded cells as for there are for instance: No extra voltage supply, same form-factor and same output span.

With industrial oxygen sensors itg can look back over more than 6 years of experience in various fields of application. Emerging concerns of premature anode corrosion and hydrogen production at the cathode on leadfree cells, were at no time an issue in practical live. It has never been proven that anxieties of premature anode corrosion or hydrogen production at the cathode have a basis at all, we also have not seen it in any case in practical live.

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